Rush is Mega Man's robotic dog, he makes a few appearances in a few episodes.

15 yearsEdit

Rush first appeared in 15 years where he was sitting in front of Rock's home, he also helps Mega Man when he's battling Dr. Wily

Nuts To GutsEdit

Rush later appears in Nuts to Guts where he helps Mega Man chop wood to get back on his feet.

Battle BoysEdit

Mega Man called out rush to attack Rash and Pimple but falls to the ground as Rush Marine which leads to Mega Man calling him a bad dog.

Men Who Have BombsEdit

Mega Man crashes into bombermans base with Mega Man hanging on Rush Jet, but goes to high then crashes him down by transforming into Rush Marine. Then Mega Man calls him a bad dog again but this time slaps him with a newspaper.


  • The newspaper Mega Man smacked Rush with was from Paper Boy.
  • Rush also appears crashing through the window of the bulding in the intro.