(The episode starts with Gutsman standing near a truck when Mega Man comes running up to him)

Gutsman: Ah, look who it is! You're late!

Mega Man: Actually, I'm 10 minutes early.

Gutsman: No.. what? No!

Mega Man: Well, it was daylight savings like, two months ago.

Gutsman: Hmm... (Turns his watch back.) No wonder The Price is Right is never on. Anyway, today's mission requires some expensive toys.

Mega Man: What are we talking? Motorcycles? Rocket launchers?

Gutsman: Look up, buddy.

Mega Man: (Sees the fighter jets.) Oh ho ho, BABY!

(Cut to the sky. The jets are flying around doing various tricks. Cut to Balloon Fighter. He flaps his arms through the air until the jets speed through and spin him around.)

Gutsman: That's the guy, ace. Take him out.

Mega Man: Him? What could we possibly gain from that guy?

Gutsman: Maybe the little guy doesn't look much to you, but damn, does he doesn't have heart! When Katrina struck, that balloon-loving rebel single-handedly escorted seven white families to safety! He's the best silent flyer there is.

Mega Man: Silent flying? That could be useful... Just the white families, huh?

Gutsman: Yeah, let's fuck him up.

Mega Man: Roger that, Mongoose. Firing missiles.

(Both jets fire their missiles, but only manage to pop one balloon.)

Mega Man: Target hit, but he's not down.

Gutsman: That's not good, I...I'm all out of missiles.

Mega Man: Damn, me too. Volleyball break?

Gutsman: Right behind.

(Cut to Mega Man and Gutsman playing volleyball. Mega Man is wearing shades and pants, while Gutsman is wearing a speedo. They knock back the ball and flex their muscles. Cut back to the jets.)

Mega Man: That was a mistake...

Gutsman: Agreed.

Mega Man: Hey, I've been meaning to ask, you left me at the bar the other night with a... pretty big bill and uh... we gotta... (Gutsman ejects.) Mongoose! I'll get back to you after I take out this balloon supremacist. (Fires his missiles again, but misses. He groans in frustration, jumps out of the jet and punches Balloon Fighter.)

Balloon Fighter: What are you doing? Same team! Same team!

Mega Man: I need that power! (Punches him again and blows up another balloon. They starting falling really quickly.)

Balloon Fighter: You fool! We'll both die!

Mega Man: You know what my favourite season is?

Balloon Fighter: I don't know, perfectly white winter?

Mega Man: Fall. (Kicks Balloon Fighter and grabs his last balloon. Balloon Fighter falls to the ground and dies. Mega Man lands and takes his power. Gutsman lands in his chair shortly afterwards.)

Gutsman: Hey, close one, right, man? (Tries to unbuckle his seat beat.) It got pretty, uh, pretty crazy back there... (Unbuckles himselfs and runs off.)