(Mega Man sleeps in his bed, and Guts Man rubs him.)

Guts Man: Mega Man.

(Mega Man kept sleeping, and Guts Man slowly tickles his head.)

Guts Man: Wake up, sleepy head. Wake up!

(Guts Man bangs Mega Man's head, and Mega Man freaks out.)

Mega Man: BEES!! BEES!! AAHH!! BEES!! BEES!!

Guts Man: Relax, relax, relax. It's your friend, Guts Man.

Mega Man: Oh, god. Your breath smells terrible. And we're not friends.

Guts Man: Oooh. We're not, eh? I kidda thought we had somethin' special from here. See when I'm friends from the fun.

Mega Man: Uh, it's different. Because, we, uh-- No, no. We're--we're friends. We're, uh, pretty good friends.

Guts Man: Hmch, yeah. Best friends.

Mega Man: Why are you in my house?

Guts Man: Your next target was spotted at the bar, just a few minutes ago. This might be our only chance to hab him, and your bestest friend in the whole wide world Guts Man is comin' with ya'. I know just how to handle this.

(Screen cuts into the bar, and everyone yells when Guts Man's drinking a big glass of beer.)

Mega Man, Glass and everyone: Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug.

(Guts Man begins to drop the glass.)

Glass: N-no! AAAAAAA--!!

(Guts Man smashes the glass on the ground. Everyone stops cheering for three seconds, and then everyone cheers.)

Mega Man and everyone: YEAAAAAAH!!

(Everyone walks away.)

Guts Man: (speaks to everyone) Thank you, thank you. Heh, heh. (speaks to Mega Man) Psst. That's our man, right over there. See when they're work?