Mega Man Dies At The End - Mega Villians

Mega Man Dies At The End - Mega Villians


Dr.light calls mega Man and wily to come see him for he has an ancient clock that he an his father hid up there assess during the war. But is interrupted and killed by Zero, X, Proto man, and Bass claiming mega Man never had his moments.wily claims hes going back to the sewer. Mega Man says that's not true and says Guts Man was good. But Proto man claims he's dead. But Guts Man Interrupts claiming "or Is I" . Every one besides Mega Man start making out. Mega man ask why there here and they claim they were board so they're here to kill Mega Man. Then they start chasing him.


  • Guts Man is Back in the show starting with this episode but its never explained how he's alive again.