Dr. Wily: (Singing) Gotta have some fun, show you how it's done, T.G.I.F.!

Mega Man: We need to get going.

Dr. Wily: Shut up! It's starting!

TV Announcer: And now back to "Nine and a half moms" followed by "Too many babies!"

Dr. Wily: What is this crap?! T.G.I.F. is supposed to be on right now!

Mega Man: I' some bad news for you.

Dr. Wily: My T.G.I.F.? No! Tell me! Urkel's doing okay!

Mega Man: Sorry, man.

Dr. Wily: *Sighs* It's okay. At least I still have Sinbad.

(Mega Man shakes his head.)

Dr. Wily: NOOOOOO!...okay, let's go.