(At the Ninja Turtles' hideout, the rest of the Ninja Turtles are with Dr. Wily.)

Dr. Wily: So then I said, "Sorry Mega Man, she's dead!" Poor dude starts crying like, "Waaaaah!"

(The turtles laugh as Michelangelo arrives with Mega Man.)

Michelangelo: Hey, Turtle-brahs, meet the newest member of our crew, Mega McMuffin!

Mega Man: Uh...It's Mega Man. Please don't call me "McMuffin."

Dr. Wily: No, shit! This is that guy I was telling you about!

Leonardo: So, this is the guy who flushed down twenty hundred boxes from the Colombia Record Club?!

Dr. Wily: Yeah, that's the guy, not me.

(Michelangelo looks at Mega Man angrily while the rest of the Ninja Turtles approaches the Blue Bomber with their weapons.)

Mega Man: Sweet weapons guys. What are going to...

(Michelangelo gets out nunchaku as the and the rest of the turtles surround Mega Man, ready to kill him.)

Mega Man: Ugh. You're going to kill me, aren't you?

Leonardo: You flooded our entire hideout, little blue guy!

(The turtles are ready to kill Mega Man but they got shot by Sonic, who was acompanied with Eggman, Bebop and Rocksteady.)

Sonic: Okay, 80's Pig and Army Rhino, the turtle mutants are dead, pay up.

(Rocksteady pays Sonic.)

Rocksteady: Way out, Bebop!

(Bebop and Rocksteady impersonates radios as they leave Sonic and Eggman.)

Eggman: Can we go now? Kung-fu sewer turtles is a lot less glamerous than I imagined.

Dr. Wily: Look at this idiot! My old nemesis from podiatrist school! Eggman!

(Eggman approaches Dr. Wily.)

Eggman: Screw you, I graduated top of my class! I don't know whose toes you have to suck up to get a passing grade!

Dr. Wily: I see you're sporting tighty-whities...

Eggman: I see you're still an old German fuck-bag...

(The two of them ready themselves for battle but then began shaking hands.)

Eggman: Good to see you again.

Dr. Wily: It's been too long.

Mega Man: Yeah, it's nice that you two went to college together to play with feet, but...we've got a problem here.