Guts Man standing next to Mega Man

Guts Man was Mega Man's partner, and his sidekick in Mega Man Dies At The End series. He appeared in Episode 1, being Megaman's only hope to finding what happened to roll. Mega Man was going to boss around Guts Man, but Guts Man's attitude and threatening made him think Otherwise.Gutsman has a huge drinking problem. He was able to consume $4000 worth of alchohol in one night and stiffed Megaman the bill by Saying "Yeah, umm... here's the thing; i have what you call 'prior convictions' so I'm gonna have to get out of here. I'll see you next Week, Cool?". This became a running gag throughout the series; both the "Prior Convictions" and Mega Man bringing up the tab. Guts man is known for faking injuries to get out of paying the bar tab.

He doesnt get involved to much in the action due to his 'prior offenses'.